Legal Fees

We will provide you with legal services for an agreed legal fee, which will take account of the value and complexity of the case.

Depending on the nature of the affair the fee may be negotiated on hourly basis, fixed, as a success fee or lump-sum fee.

An hourly fee amounting to 25% of an hourly rate will be invoiced for every commenced quarter-hour of provision of legal services. Hourly fee usually applies in case of single consultations.

A fixed fee means the whole amount of money for arranging a legal matter as a whole regardless its time frame and the work involved.

A success fee is determined with regard to the client’s economic interest, and therefore we put stress on its proportionality. We always propose this form of our remuneration in the area of compensation of personal injuries. Our client then pays for our services only after we recover money of him.

A lump-sum fee is used mainly by businessmen and enterprises. The client pays the legal fee, usually on a monthly basis, the negotiated amount comprising a certain number of hours at an advantageous rate.

On taking the case we generally ask for an advance payment covering initial costs of setting up the file and advise on possible alternative solutions, as well as related cash expenses.

A contractual fee does not comprise judicial, administrative, notarial and other administrative costs, expenses related to translations, expert opinions and statements, travel costs, expert fees or other cash expenses spent when providing legal services. We usually invoice cash expenses together with invoicing legal services, to which these cash expenses relate. Compensation of costs of domestic postage, telephone charges and carriage are determined in accordance with the Lawyer’s Fee Ministerial Regulation.

For every file we keep detailed records on our work and on cash expenses. Prior to issuance of an invoice we send these records to our clients for their approval. Upon the client’s request we provide him with a full explanation on the contents of the records.